How Many Pilates Sessions Do I Need to See Results?

Professional Pittsburgh Pilates studio informs you on how fast you will see results

Lisa Pellow
Lisa Pellow
How Many Pilates Sessions Do I Need to See Results?

Pilates can benefit anyone — from beginners searching for a way to stay active to highly trained athletes looking to connect with their body. There are many factors that determine when you’ll start truly noticing results from pilates — what kinds of results you want, your consistency, and your budget. From your very first session, you’ll start to see some changes with your body. Our expert Pittsburgh Pilates studio instructors will work with you to gain the most out of your classes. 

How to See Results from Pilates According to Professional Pittsburgh Pilates Studio

Determine What Kind of Results You are Looking For

woman using a Pilates machine
Before you get started, determine what results you want to see from practicing Pilates. Photo courtesy of True Pilates Virginia Beach.  

Every client has a different skill level and can see results in various timespans, but it’s important to know what results you want to see from Pilates. The results you’ll see from our Pittsburgh Pilates studio can differ depending on your skill level and the types of exercises you are performing. 

  • Pilates for beginners. Before you take any group classes, Touchstone Pilates recommends taking private Pilates sessions. Repetition and consistency are important aspects that drive quicker results. By taking private sessions, your instructor can provide individualized attention to refine your movements. After you hone in on the movements of Pilates, both private sessions and group classes will help you connect with your body, grow stronger and more flexible, and learn more about your body’s capabilities. The more you practice, the better. 
  • Pilates for cross-training. Establishing a Pilates practice is a great adjunct to sports training as it can help prevent injuries, balance the muscles, and strengthen the body after an injury. More and more, professional athletes are incorporating Pilates training into their conditioning routines. Pilates helps athletes improve their overall body conditioning, accuracy, powerhouse/core strength, breathing techniques, and more. 
  • Pilates for rehabilitation. Maybe you are injured and using Pilates as a way of rehabilitation to gain movement. Pilates can be modified to fit your specific needs and strengthen the muscles around an injury. Pilates exercises can help ease pain, improve strength, balance, and control in our clients with a disability, injury, medical condition, and more.

Understand that Consistency Matters

client using a Pilates machine in an exercise
Consistency is one of the most important factors when it comes to seeing results.

After determining your goals, consistency and repetition are vital in driving results. As Joseph Pilates has said, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.” Your results are determined by how often and how consistent you train — Touchstone Pilates typically recommends taking Pilates sessions 1-3 times a week to maintain consistency. 

Joseph Pilates wrote in his book, Return to Life Through Contrology, that a person should practice Pilates at least three times a week. If you cannot make it to a Pilates class three times a week, taking a class one time a week will still offer your body improvements. While the pace of your results will vary depending on how often you practice Pilates, researchers have found that you can have more body awareness, core strength, and flexibility with a consistent practice of  one session a week. When you take the extra step to practice Pilates multiple times a week, you will find incredible results that improve both your body and your mind.

Realize What Your Budget can Give You

Instructor and clients in a Pilates class
Mixing classes and home workouts can give you results without breaking the bank.

Our team of instructors know that not every person can afford three classes a week. At Touchstone Pilates, we work with you to find a consistent schedule based on what you want and can afford. No matter if you prefer private sessions or group classes or a mix of both, we offer  a variety of packages and memberships to enable you to get the most out of your Pilates experience within your budget. Schedule a free consultation to go over all of the options for private and group sessions.

There is almost nothing more rewarding and exciting than seeing results from your workouts. Our team of expert instructors at our Pittsburgh Pilates studio will work with you to understand your goals, schedule, and budget to ensure that you see results. Schedule a free consultation with our Touchstone Pilates team to discuss the path to living a mentally and physically healthier life.

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