Explaining the Neutral Spine

At your Touchstone Pilates class in Pittsburgh, you’ll access the health benefits of tapping into your neutral spine

Lisa Pellow
Lisa Pellow
Explaining the Neutral Spine

Here at Touchstone Pilates, we teach movements formulated by Joseph Pilates himself, while closely following his original teachings. One of the most important foundations is the “neutral spine.” At your Touchstone Pilates class in Pittsburgh, you will learn from the only studio in the area with Romana’s Pilates trained and certified instructors. Keep reading to learn more about how to achieve a neutral spine in practice and the benefits you can unlock outside of practice. 

               1. What Is the Neutral Spine and How Do You Find It?

By attending a Touchstone Pilates class in Pittsburgh, you can practice and perfect the neutral spine

Showing the neutral spine position with a balanced martini glass.
A neutral spine requires practice, balance, and discipline. Photo courtesy of Ellie Herman Pilates

When in a Touchstone Pilates class in Pittsburgh, you will be instructed to find your neutral spine. Finding your neutral spine ensures you apply the least amount of stress on your body. When your spine is in a neutral position, your three spinal curves—cervical, thoracic, and lumbar—can more easily absorb shock from your movements. Finding your neutral spine will take some practice and feedback from your instructor for you to get the position correct. While you are in a neutral spine position, your hip bones and your pubic bone form a triangle. While in this position, the plane of the triangle is parallel to the floor when you lay down. Imagine the triangle formed by your bones as a table—when it is in a true neutral position, you should be able to balance a glass without that glass falling over. When you live in neutral spine you put less stress on your bones, joints, muscles, and tendons.

               2. Why is a Neutral Spine So Important to Romana Pilates Practice?

When you attend Pilates classes in Pittsburgh, you can learn neutral spine as taught by Touchstone Pilates

Woman laying flat on yoga mat
The neutral spine is one of the first things you will learn about while attending a Touchstone Pilates class in Pittsburgh.

Finding your neutral spine is one of the first steps you learn while practicing Pilates. Your neutral spine ensures that you are in the correct posture to properly execute Pilates exercises as set forth by Joseph Pilates. When you learn and master more basic principles of Pilates, you’re better prepared for more challenging movements. You will also feel more connected to your Powerhouse (core) which allows you to move with confidence and intent. 

              3. When Do You Use a Neutral Spine?

During your Touchstone Pilates Class in Pittsburgh, you can learn when and how to use neutral spine to enhance your practice

Woman laying on back on mat
Start by finding neutral spine position while lying on your back.

During a Pilates session, there are a few ways that you will be asked to use your neutral spine. Most commonly, you can feel your neutral spine while lying on your back for mat work. However, you can still access the neutral spine in other types of Pilates movements. As not every exercise is done in neutral spine, you’ll likely practice finding your neutral spine in stabilization exercises rather than articulation exercises. As you practice finding your neutral spine, you will begin to reap the benefits of lessened stress on your spine, tailbone, and hip joints.

              4. What are the Benefits of a Neutral Spine?

When you learn neutral spine from a Pilates Class in Pittsburgh, you will start to see the benefits in your practice and in everyday life

Touchstone Pilates training photo
Feel the benefits of the neutral spine during stabilization exercises at your Pilates class in Pittsburgh.

Joseph Pilates taught that the best posture for mat work and other exercises was the neutral spine. Though there may be other definitions of neutral spine out there, at Touchstone Pilates, we stay faithful to the principles set forth by Pilates and his protegés. Finding and familiarizing yourself with your neutral spine is extremely helpful for those with back pain and for improving your overall posture as you move through life.

There is almost nothing more rewarding than seeing results from your workouts outside of your Pilates practice. At Touchstone Pilates, we work with you to find a consistent schedule based on what you want to achieve and can afford. Our team of expert instructors teaching Pilates classes in Pittsburgh will work with you to understand your goals, schedule, and budget to ensure that you see results. Schedule a free consultation with our Touchstone Pilates team to discuss the path to living a balanced and healthier life.

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