Tips to Apply Pilates Breathing Techniques to Your Daily Life

Find out how you can harness the power of your breath outside practicing Pilates in Pittsburgh, PA

Lisa Pellow
Lisa Pellow
Tips to Apply Pilates Breathing Techniques to Your Daily Life

Your breath is your life force. As we move through our busy days—going to work, school, or parenting—it can be easy to forget the importance of breathing mindfully. When you choose to  incorporate Pilates breathing techniques into your daily life, you will improve your Pilates practice and your overall health.

Even if you aren’t currently attending Pilates in Pittsburgh, PA, you can still use these techniques to improve your mood and reduce everyday stress. At Touchstone Pilates, you’ll learn the methods handed down directly from Joseph Pilates to Romana Kryzanowska and improve your life through Pilates breathing techniques.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Deep Breathing?

When you attend Pilates sessions in Pittsburgh, PA, one of the first things you will learn is how to breathe and move your body efficiently

Woman with hand on chest and lower torso
Deep breathing exercises help you within and outside of your Pilates practice.

There are countless benefits to Joseph Pilates’s breathing technique. In his practice, he recommended using a very full breath, coordinating your breath with your body movements. By using your lungs to deeply pump air in and out of your body, you’ll allow yourself to execute each move with more power. Focusing on your breathing technique not only helps strengthen your movements in your Pilates practice, but it also helps you in your everyday life. By practicing Pilates breathing techniques, you can expect:

  • Better mood
  • Reduced stress
  • Better circulation and lung capacity
  • Improved brain function
  • Increased body awareness

To reap these benefits, we recommend attending Pilates sessions to learn the breathing basics. Once you’ve learned how to use Pilates breathing techniques, you can apply them to your daily life. 

How Does Your Breath Affect Your Pilates Workout?

Touchstone Pilates in Pittsburgh, PA will teach you to use your breath and improve your movement

Deep breathing keeps your body oxygenated during Pilates practice. Photo courtesy of True Pilates Virginia Beach.

As we’ve already explored, breathing is an important principle of the Pilates Method and in everyday life. Most people hold their breath while they are working out and don’t even realize it. Holding your breath during a workout prevents oxygen from entering your blood while you’re exerting effort, which can hinder your movements. Proper breathing techniques bring oxygen rich blood to the muscles so you can move more easily and with intent.

Pilates teaches lateral breathing, which expands your ribcage to your sides and back. This breathing practice helps you to engage your Powerhouse, or your core, and strengthen it. Some exercises you’ll encounter at Touchstone Pilates in Pittsburgh, PA, have specific patterned breathing that sync with the movement of an exercise. When you implement these breathing techniques into your practice, you stay focused and get the most out of each session. 

How Can I Practice Pilates Deep Breathing Daily?

Pilates practice doesn’t end when you leave the studio, you can improve many aspects of your life using breathing exercises

Woman lying on back on a mat
Learn more about deep breathing exercises by practicing Pilates in Pittsburgh, PA with Touchstone Pilates. (this text is a different size. Did you mean to do that?)

We’ve talked enough about the benefits of breathing exercises, now it’s time to try one out for yourself.. To get started, grab a mat and lay on your back. Then, take 5 deep breaths. Make sure these breaths fill your lungs to capacity before you exhale. Next, place your hands on your sides and notice how you can feel your ribcage expand on either side of your body. Once you’ve taken note of your side expansion, use the next breath to turn your attention toward the muscles in your back. Your inhale will expand your back muscles. As the final step in our lateral breathing exercise, you should pull your back muscles in and up as you exhale.When you practice Pilates diligently, these breathing exercises become second nature and help you achieve more challenging movements.

If you are interested in learning more about Pilates breathing techniques, you can try a session with Touchstone Pilates. We work with you to find a consistent workout schedule based on what you want to achieve and can afford. Our team of expert instructors teaching Pilates in Pittsburgh, PA will work with you to understand your goals, schedule, and budget to ensure that you see results. Schedule a free consultation with our Touchstone Pilates team to discuss the path to living a balanced and healthier life.

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