5 Reasons to Take Private Pilates Lessons Before Group Classes

Find out why taking private sessions in our Pittsburgh Pilates studio will set you up for success during group classes

Lisa Pellow
Lisa Pellow
5 Reasons to Take Private Pilates Lessons Before Group Classes

Pilates is a valuable exercise for anyone at any level, but it’s vital to connect with your instructor to receive the most out of your sessions. Private sessions at our Pittsburgh Pilates studio are a great way to connect with your instructor, resulting in quicker results. As a Pilates beginner, it’s essential to understand why you are being taught specific exercises and what is suitable for your body and skill level. There are many reasons why taking private sessions can benefit you ​​— take a look at the five reasons that we’ve compiled. 

5 Reasons to Take Privates Sessions at Our Pittsburgh Pilates Studio

Allow You to Connect with Your Instructor 

woman using archive reformer apparatus
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When you are starting with anything new, it can be intimidating. You may feel shy or embarrassed being the new one in a group, and private sessions can minimize this feeling. During private sessions at our Pittsburgh Pilates studio, you’ll receive individualized attention and a workout that is tailored to your body’s needs to ensure that you are moving safely and correctly. 

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Body

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Use Pilates as a way to connect with your body.

Along with individualized attention, you will also learn what your body needs to thrive. Customized sessions tailored to your specific needs and skill level will help you improve more quickly. Touchstone Pilates is the only studio in Pittsburgh offering the Pilates method as handed down by Joseph Pilates directly to his world-renowned protege, Romana Kryzanowska. All of our instructors are Romana’s Pilates trained and certified. 

Notice Quicker Results

woman and instructor in a Touchstone Pilates session
A private session is geared towards you so that you receive individualized attention.

As we mentioned earlier, the instructor is focused on you and only you in your private session. During your private session, you will receive individual attention and the instructor is focused on your form, allowing you to improve faster than in a group. Our studio is fully equipped with Gratz-Pilates apparatus and equipment that your instructor teaches you how to use and understand to further your improvement and practice.  

Allow Yourself to Understand Pilates

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Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

The Gratz-Pilates apparatus and equipment together with your Romana’s Pilates trained and certified instructor will help take your Pilates practice to a new level. You will become stronger, more flexible, and balanced with greater focus and understanding of the Pilates method.

Relieve Stress and Improve Self-Confidence

woman practicing a Pilates exercise
One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is relieving stress and improving self-confidence.

There is nothing better than doing something for yourself that allows you to relieve stress and improve your self-confidence. We recommend that you take at least 5 private sessions before jumping into a group class so that you can gain an understanding of the basics and be prepared to work in a group setting.

Our Pittsburgh Pilates studio is a safe space for those at all skill levels, and our private sessions are the perfect way to start your Pilates journey. All of our sessions are tailored to your individual needs, making sure that you get the most out of your experience. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your personal goals and needs.

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