How to Create a Customized Pilates Experience For All Ages and Sizes

Interested in Pilates? Pittsburgh’s Touchstone Pilates Offers Custom Sessions

Lisa Pellow
Lisa Pellow
How to Create a Customized Pilates Experience For All Ages and Sizes

With the isolation and loneliness of quarantine setting in, it’s time to shake up your evenings and start something new. When taking a Pilates class, the possibilities are endless—you can find newfound passion in exercise and wellness or even your next favorite hobby. As the only certified Romana’s Pilates® studio in Pittsburgh, we’ve created this informative blog to guide you through your new journey full of fitness and health.

Understand the Pilates Method and Its Benefits

Explore Pilates Principles at the premier Pittsburgh Pilates Studio

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Classical Pilates, also known as Contrology, is significantly different from what many studios currently offer. This system of exercises, philosophies, as well as the equipment were created by Joseph Pilates, the founder of this movement. This program focuses on six main principals:

  • Centering: focusing on the center, or the powerhouse of the body
  • Concentration: allowing your mind to guide the body
  • Control: strengthening the mind to ensure no mistakes or bad habits are made
  • Precision: performing every action precisely as intended
  • Breath: controlling your breathing pattern
  • Flow: keeping the flow of your workout by completing exercises in succession

By fully practicing these principles, not only will your body become stronger, but so will your mind. The best part about the Pilates Method is how inclusive it is—no matter your body size, activity level, or age, we can tailor a Pilates workout to meet your body’s specific needs.

Schedule Your Private Instruction at Pittsburgh’s Only Romana’s Pilates Certified Pilates Studio

First Steps Into Your Fitness Journey

Lisa working 1-on-1 with client

The first step is to schedule your first 1-on-1 session with our certified staff. Because everyone on our team is Romana’s Pilates® certified, you can be assured that you’re getting the best quality instruction rather than a teacher who got their certification online or over a weekend. Our staff goes through comprehensive, rigorous training to ensure that you, the client, receives the instruction and coaching that Joseph Pilates would be proud of. 

We offer group classes, semi-private, and private lessons, but we highly recommend private due to the sessions’ and exercises’ customizability. With private lessons, you will have your workout tailored to your specific needs and capabilities. In addition, we also offer private and group classes via Zoom during the pandemic to minimize contact while still building your body and mind. 

Allow Our Team to Carefully Craft Your Exercise Program

Collaborate with Pittsburgh’s Pilates Experts

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We understand that scheduling that first appointment can be nerve-wracking when you’re trying something new. However, we can guarantee that you’ll have an enlightening and comfortable first experience at our studio with our qualified staff. We’ll work alongside you to carefully craft a workout specifically designed to fit your needs. We want what’s best for you—that’s why we’re dedicated to creating the best possible fit for your skillset.

Work Alongside Us For Desired Results

See Improvements in a Minimum of 10 Sessions

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By working with a certified instructor for 5-10 sessions, anyone can learn the basic form of Pilates to avoid injuries and begin working your body in ways never before seen. After this, we recommend Pilates two to three times a week to allow your body the necessary rest time while also giving it the break it needs. 

It’s critical for your wellness journey that you don’t give up during this introductory period—this is the foundation of your Pilates experience. After these first sessions, you’ll already start seeing positive benefits of increased flexibility and coordination of the body and mind. Our staff is trained to help uplift and motivate our clients to keep them on the right track to fitness.

There’s never been a better time to start your fitness journey, especially during quarantine. No matter if you’re athletic and young or older with less mobility, we can work with you to strengthen your mind and body. Ready to take that first step and schedule an appointment? Contact Touchstone Pilates today to start your wellness journey with a certified Romana’s Pilates Instructor in the Pittsburgh area.

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