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Are you up for the Challenge!
This famous Joseph Pilates quote was based upon doing at least 3 Private Pilates sessions per week. Purchase our 30-Session Challenge package and complete the challenge within 2.5 months from date of purchase and you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win 5 private Pilates sessions! Call the studio for special Challenge package pricing.

The Roll-Up
The Pilates roll-up is at least 30% more effective than the standard crunch when it comes to targeting the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack” muscles that are part of the powerhouse), say researchers at Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama. This is because the roll-up challenges the abs through a fuller range of motion and it recruits more muscle fibers. Watch as we teach Amy the roll-up.
Did you know that not all Pilates is the same? Most people don’t realize that there is a difference. Generally there are two schools of thought, classical and contemporary plus a whole lot of in- between exercise methods that call themselves Pilates.

At Touchstone, we are faithful to the original classical approach or what is today called True Pilates. This is the method that Joseph Pilates invented 100 years ago and handed down directly to our teachers, Pilates protégé and “Pilates Elder” Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter, Sari Mejia Santo. This is the system taught as Joseph Pilates intended. Every exercise has a purpose. Second-generation teachers who were fortunate enough to have studied with one or more of the Elders help keep his work and vision alive. The True Pilates method stands true to this day as a functionally sound and scientifically backed system of movement and exercise. All instructors at Touchstone are second-generation teachers who are comprehensively trained and certified in all levels of the True Pilates mat and apparatus-work.

Contemporary Pilates, as we understand it, is everything else. The issue is that there is no consistency in the training and certification methods in the contemporary world. You could have an instructor who has been through a comprehensive training and certification program or someone who has gone through a weekend training program or is only certified in one level or the mat and not the apparatus-work. In addition, there are fitness trends popping up that are trying to capitalize on the popularity of Pilates that really have no basis in the method. So be aware! Make sure that you know if your Pilates instructor has been through a comprehensive (at least 650 hours) training and certification program because it does matter.

Some of you may have received reminders or notifications from Touchstone. We are in the process of testing our new scheduling software. Please bear with us as we make the conversion. Stay tuned for the launch and usage instructions. You will be able to book and change your appointments anytime, receive confirmations and appointment reminders and a lot more! We will let you know when we go live with the new software!

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