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There’s a chill in the air as the season changes! Thanksgiving is approaching, and before you know it we will be celebrating the new year. As the holidays get closer, we are thankful for the great body of work that Joseph Pilates left us. This method of body conditioning helps to keep the mind, body and spirit alive. During this busy time of year it is important to make and maintain time for yourself with a session at Touchstone Pilates.

In this issue

Exercise of the Month: Watch and learn the “Neck Pull” along with our client, Carol.

Did you Know: Talks about the most important principle of Pilates.

Gift Certificates: The Holidays are approaching. Don’t forget to give the gift of fitness with a gift certificate from Touchstone Pilates.

New Scheduling Software: Finally! Our new scheduling software is up and running! If you are an active pass holder you will be receiving a welcome email. Please log in to create a password and update your personal information and preferences.

November Special: Call Touchstone and mention that you read the November edition of The “SCOOP” for a 10% discount on all Pilates session packages purchased in November.

Shashi On Sale: Don’t forget to pick your new pair of Shashi studio socks on sale in the studio.
Exercise of the Month

Watch as Lisa teaches her client, Carol, to do the Neck Pull.

Carol doing the Neck Pull
This is a powerhouse building exercise. If you do this exercise correctly, six repetitions of the Neck Pull are more effective than doing 50 sit ups!
Did You Know?

Did you know that there are six predominant principles of Pilates? They are Control, Concentration, Centering, Precision, Breath and Flow. Of these six governing principles, Control is the most important. Pilates is a system of small and precise exercises. Rush through a Pilates workout without control and you will miss the work. You may be asking what that means. Well, we all tend to move through our limbs instead of through our powerhouse. That is why so many people have big middles and bottoms. If you’re not engaging and doing the exercise through the powerhouse, there is no control. That is why using momentum through “Rolling like a Ball” or simply lying down out of the “Roll Up” without using the Powerhouse doesn’t do much to strengthen or tone the abdominals. By engaging the powerhouse through a movement, the abdominals are being worked. It’s harder than cheating through a movement, but the results are so much better when the movement is controlled through engaging the powerhouse. Stay tuned for our upcoming editions of the “SCOOP” when we will discuss what makes the other governing principles of Pilates so important.

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