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The Holidays are over and the Winter chill has set in. It’s the start of a brand new year and many of us are still thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions. This is the perfect time to get started on your fitness goals or get back on track.

There are some great things in store at the studio this year! We will be adding some new equipment this Spring that will enable us to offer you group equipment and reformer classes. Stay tuned.

In this issue
Winter Mat Classes: New classes begin Tuesday, February 7th. Go to for class descriptions. 10-weeks for $150. Register now to save your spot. See our new schedule below.

Exercise of the Month: Watch and learn along with our client, Katie, as she shows us the Neck Roll!

Did you Know: In this edition of the “Scoop” we discuss the Pilates principle of concentration. We believe that this principle is so important as it integrates the mind and the body and is so important to getting the most out of your workout.

Gift Certificates: Valentines Day will be here before you know it. Don’t forget to give the gift of fitness with a gift certificate from Touchstone Pilates.

Shashi On Sale: Don’t forget to pick your new pair of Shashi studio socks on sale in the studio. We will start carrying TOESOX in the near future. They are our new favorite workout socks. We will let you know when they arrive!
Winter Mat Class Schedule
Our new 10-week Winter session starts the week of February 1st. Call the studio or reply to this email to register now. Classes fill up quickly so register now to ensure you have a spot. Cost is $150 for 10 weeks.


10 am

Exercise of the Month

Watch as Lisa teaches her client, Katie, the Neck Roll into the Swan. Click on the picture to view the video. As long as you aren’t suffering from a back injury and have a strong power house it’s good to add some extension to your workout. The neck roll is an intermediate exercise and the neck roll into the swan is an advanced exercise. Both require a strong powerhouse that can lift and support the lower back. The neck roll is also one of the few exercises that stretches the neck.
Did You Know?
This is the second installation of our discussion of the six governing principles of Pilates. In our last newsletter we discussed the principle of control which Romana described as the most important principle of Pilates. Today’s installation discusses the importance of concentration.

Joseph Pilates believed (as do we) that the mind controls the body. That connection requires concentration. This enables you to feel and understand the work. Bringing your full attention and commitment to each exercise ensures proper form and enables you to get the maximum benefit from the workout. It also helps you to develop better body awareness and mastery of the work. Without full concentration, it is harder to get results. As concentration improves so does your understanding of and ability to incorporate the other 5 principles into your workout.

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