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We are excited to announce the arrival of our new equipment! We received a new Gratz Pilates’ (“Gratz”) cadillac, reformer, and wall unit and will be announcing our new equipment and reformer class schedule in the coming weeks. In addition, Touchstone Pilates is being spotlighted this month as Gratz-Pilates’ featured studio. Check out the full length video below and at Finally, we are grateful to announce that we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on June 15, 2017! This is truly a milestone, and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful and loyal clients. Please join us at the studio for an evening of Pilates, wellness, and fun! Details to follow!

In This Issue
Exercise of the Month: In this edition of the “Scoop,” we will share with you our full- length video and Gratz-Pilates’ feature on Touchstone Pilates.

Did You Know: In this edition of the “Scoop,” we discuss the principle of Centering.

Studio Protocol Reminder: Please see our reminder about studio guidelines to consider.

Shashi On Sale: Don’t forget to pick your new pair of Shashi studio socks on sale in the studio. We will start carrying TOESOX in the near future. They are our new favorite workout socks. We will let you know when they arrive!

Exercise of the Month

Touchstone Pilates is Gratz’ April 2017 featured studio! CLick on the link at right to view our full length video featuring Gratz Pilates apparatus and our own Lisa Pellow, Heather Bartley, and our clients Torey, Carol, and Katie.
Gratz-Pilates Featured Studio
Did You Know?
This is the fourth installment of our discussion of the six governing principles of Pilates. In our last newsletter, we discussed the principle of Breath. Today’s installment discusses the importance of Centering.

This principle is defined as physically bringing the focus to and initiating the exercise from the center of the body, or powerhouse. This includes the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine, the muscles of the back, and the gluteal muscles. Thus, by initiating the work from the center of the body the abdominal, back, and gluteal muscles get stronger and toned. This, in turn, provides greater support to the skeletal system and can alleviate back pain.
Everyone has favorite workout attire. But some clothes are better than others when it comes to Pilates. Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing your workout attire:

Wear Socks: For sanitary reasons, socks are encouraged. Not only do socks help keep the equipment clean, they also protect your feet.

Avoid Jewelry: Jewelry can interfere with your workout and can lead to injuries. Plus, we don’t want your prized watch or necklace getting damaged.

Avoid Zippers, Snaps, or Buttons: Zippers, snaps, or buttons on your workout wear can hinder your comfort and can scratch or tear the equipment.

Avoid Cell Phones in the studio: Try to focus on just your body and the workout ahead of you to get the most out of your session.

Please Do Not Chre Gum or Candy: This can be a choking hazard.

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