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June marks our 9-year anniversary! It’s hard to believe Touchstone Pilates has been in business 9 years! We’re proud that many of our loyal clients have been with us since the beginning! For that, we are truly grateful! In celebration of this milestone, we have a special 9th Anniversary Challenge! Win 5 free private Pilates sessions! Click on the link for details.

Summer Mat Class Registration is now open! Get bathing suit ready! Take a look at the schedule and call the studio to register. Also, stay tuned for new classes coming soon!

Our June “Exercise of the Month” is the Teaser Push Through performed on the cadillac. Our lovely client Margy, who’s age belies us, wanted to learn this exercise. Watch the video to see how she does it. More proof that you can continue to get stronger as you age and regardless of your age!

In our “Did You Know” section this month we discuss the powerhouse. Do you really know what it is?

We’ve just installed WellnessLiving Scheduling Software on our website! You asked and we listened! Now you will have the option to book your appointments and classes online!

Are you up for the challenge!
This famous Joseph Pilates quote was based upon doing at least 3 Private Pilates sessions per week. During the month of June purchase our 30-session challenge package and complete the challenge within 2.5 months from date of purchase and you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win 5 private Pilates sessions! Drawing will take place upon completion of the challenge. We will keep participants posted throughout the challenge! Call the studio for special challenge package pricing.

Thurs. 06/09/16 10 am Intermediate Heather
Thurs. 06/09/16 6 pm Beginner Lisa
Mon. 06/13/15 7 pm Intermediate Lisa

Call the studio to register: 412-344-5050
Classes subject to change or cancellation based upon number of participants

Teaser Push Through

The Teaser Push Through is performed on the Cadillac. This exercise not only opens and stretches the chest and shoulders but also works the Powerhouse and is a wonderful way to learn how to do the Teaser. Click on the link and take a look!

The powerhouse is the center of the body. Most people think of it as the core but it really is so much more. Every time a new client comes into the studio for their first session we discuss the powerhouse. We explain that it is the band of muscles across the abdomen, the lower back and the buttocks (gluteus maximus.) The abdomen is comprised of the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis and the abdominal obliques. These muscles, when strengthened, stabilize the spine and create the source or power (thus the name powerhouse) from which movement happens. To engage the powerhouse properly pull the abdominals in and up (pull the navel into the spine and up.) Next, pull the back of the upper inner thighs together and up. Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen the powerhouse. When it’s engaged properly the limbs should be able to move in a more coordinated and connected manner.


Coming soon to our website will be new appointment and class scheduling software. You will be able to book and change your appointments anytime, receive confirmations and appointment reminders and a lot more! We will let you know when we go live with the new software!

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