Here at Touchstone, we know that True Pilates can change lives. Let us know how Pilates has helped you change your body and your life. Send us your story, and we’ll feature it on this page.

Dana E. wrote:

Lisa Pellow is a terrific instructor. She was very patient working with me to ensure I understood the proper form for the exercises to strengthen my core. In the past, I would often end up with sore back after doing yard work. Since I’ve been doing the exercises Lisa showed me, I no longer have that problem. Lisa is very good about tailoring the exercises to fit with your capabilities and then adjusting them as your capabilities increase. Thanks Lisa”

Joyce D. wrote:

In just six months, thanks to Touchstone, I feel like I’m so much stronger and I have far less hip pain than I did before. Can’t wait to see how far I go in the next six months!”

Judy L. wrote:

Sending along a huge thank you for working out my physical problem during our Thursday session. When I woke up Friday morning all of my discomfort and pain had disappeared. Thanks to you I am back to being Judy…”

Lisa G. wrote:

I just wanted to let you know that your expert work has made a big difference in my life. You have never once been anything less than encouraging, patient and fun as my teacher. I appreciate that and you very much…”

Lynn O. wrote:

I’m an avid runner, but I wanted to try Pilates to gain strength – especially in my core. I had a few must-haves when I was looking for a studio. First, I wanted a classically trained teacher. I also wanted an inviting, nurturing space where I would feel comfortable. Lisa and Touchstone fit the bill. She and her instructors are Romana’s Pilates-certified in the classical True Pilates method – the method I wanted to try and the one that’s time-tested for success. They patiently explain the exercises and help me get the most out of my sessions. I’ve definitely noticed a difference. My form is better, and I’m able to run longer, stronger and with less pain. Nagging issues – like tightness in my hips and soreness along the outside of my knee – are a thing of the past. I always look forward to my time there.”

Cheryl E. wrote:

This studio is excellent and provides true classic Pilates that was developed by Pilates himself and promoted further by his student Romana. Lisa Pellow is an awesome instructor as is her staff and very in time to modifying exercises to fit physical limitations!”

Judy F. wrote:

Lisa is a caring and highly skilled Pilates practitioner and business owner who is striving constantly to give her clients the best quality in teaching the Pilates method.”

Carol A. wrote:

Pilates has helped me in so many ways, the results are amazing. Lisa is a fantastic Pilates teacher, I met her 10 years ago and still going strong. Thank you!!!”

Areti F. wrote:

If you have not taken a class at Touchstone Pilates, then you do not know what Authentic Pilates workout means!”

Dot D. wrote:

Wonderful instruction; super competent; excellent technique; fun and very kind; understanding of individual challenges, strengths and weaknesses and works with you to overcome them!”

Brad O. wrote:

Our whole family went to Touchstone Pilates and the experience was wonderful. Lisa managed to work with each of us individually as well as together, and was able to adjust the exercises to what each of us could do. Great expertise and great awareness — what a terrific combination in an instructor!”

Kathy S. wrote:

I am so happy I found Lisa and Touchstone Pilates. After just four sessions, I am already seeing an improvement in my flexibility and feel better. Lisa is an outstanding instructor and so patient with me as I’m learning. Thank you, Lisa!”

Sue B. wrote:

Lisa, our work together has positively impacted my posture and thus my ballroom dancing. In the recent competion I had one first place, one second place, several thirds, and a couple of fourths. Thank you so much for your willingness to focus my workouts on what I need for dancing.”

Melissa R. wrote:

Following a full course of physical therapy for back pain, Touchstone Pilates has helped me maintain the progress I made in treatment. In private sessions with Lisa and mat classes with Heather, I have been able to strengthen my core and power house and been virtually pain free for three years. Both instructors are patient, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the correct Pilates form. I give full credit to Touchstone Pilates for my continued success as a back pain patient and I would not dream of going to another studio!”

Janet K. wrote:

I was living on Tylenol very 2-3 hours due to back pain and sciatica. After 12 sessions with Lisa Pellow at Touchstone Pilates I am sleeping through the night and am medication free. I tried everything from working out at the gym, yoga, and physical therapy. I am convinced that Pilates is the answer. “

Anne Z. wrote:

I have been taking Pilates from Lisa Pellow for nearly a year. I am amazed at how much stronger I am! I used to have back problems when I played golf. Now they are gone! I am also much more flexible. Little things like being able to sit Indian Style on the floor are now easy! I never knew how much increasing my core strength would translate to my overall well-being. I also appreciate how Lisa adapts my workout to my strengths and challenges. She is always encouraging too!”

Silvina S. wrote:

Lisa Pellow is an excellent teacher. After nearly two years working together, I have made tremendous progress. I am affected by an auto immune disease. Lisa is very patient with me, respecting my limits, but also challenging me to do my best. The studio equipment is spectacular. Finding a professional like Lisa and a well equipped studio like Touchstone Pilates is unique. Not only do I enjoy Pilates but it has helped me more fully enjoy life.”

Nancy V. wrote:

I am feeling pretty good after my workout yesterday ! My sister enjoyed meeting you, seeing your attractive studio, and watching a little Pilates in action. She was impressed with your careful coaching of me … Your making sure that I was doing things the right way and making sure I was OK ! Lisa, you are a great instructor and always encouraging me … I am so grateful ! I have felt better able to face life’s challenges because of Pilates !! I feel stronger both physically and mentally as my core strength has developed through Pilates ! I feel more confident in my life and able to face the physical challenges of aging. Core strength feels essential to good health…. Pilates has taught me life lessons about the benefits of core strength!”

Michalina P. wrote:

Touchstone owner, Lisa, is an excellent instructor. Praising, pushing, prodding and encouraging me to exercise. The result after 3 years is that I am more flexible and able to do exercises that I thought my body was not capable of. Plus, I feel great! Lisa varies the workout at every session and knows when to introduce more advanced exercises. I recommend her highly!”

Mathilda Y. wrote:

Best thing I ever did for myself! 

Lisa is really great, with perfect technique and able to walk you through all the exercises and answer all questions seamlessly. She teaches you perfect form, flow and breathing and the workouts are effective and thourough. 

After 6 weeks of seeing her twice a week everyone is noticing how my body has changes and how fit I look. 

Add Lisa’s great personality to a great workout and really…it becomes a no brainer. 
Compared to other private classes of equal quality I have taken elsewhere, her prices are very competitive and fair.”

Cynthia F. wrote:

I love, love, LOVE Touchstone Pilates! Lisa is the MASTER of Pilates instructors. She creates such a marvelous workout experience that I can’t wait for my next lesson.
I take private sessions and for me it’s addicting! Highly, highly recommend.”

Debbie S. wrote:

I came to Touchstone Pilates and Lisa Pellow with a painful lower back. I have always been physically active in addition to practicing yoga for 38 years.I tried months of acupuncture and physical therapy, trying to relieve the constant pain. Although I experienced some relief, the pain was quick to return. The pain was there for 2.5 years. My life, as I knew it, changed.I couldn’t participate in the activities I love and I was hesitant to practice yoga as that seemed to aggravate the back pain. My daughter, who is a Pilates student in another state, suggested I give Pilates a try. I researched the pilates studios and instructors in the area and Lisa Pellow at Touchstone Pilates was at the top of my list. I have been a student of Lisa Pellow’s for about four months and my back has been free of pain since after my first few sessions. I am amazed, shocked and also very thankful! Lisa is extremely knowledgeable, focused, professional and well prepared for each session. Pliates with Lisa has far exceeded my expectations! I was a runner for years, lifted weights, and tried just about every exercise out there, including mat pilates. Nothing compares to the many benefits I’ve experienced from being a student of Lisa Pellow at Touchstone Pilates. I am truly amazed at what she can accomplish with her student in one session of Pilates. I feel fortunate to have a “real” pilates studio within driving distance of my home! And I’m back to doing all the things I love!”

Lauren A. wrote:

This place is great, Lisa is fantastic! She provides a great workout, tailors it to your body and makes sure to perfect your form so that you are getting the most out of it. I’ve been to her private sessions and also public mat classes and I love both! Highly recommend.”

Kate M. wrote:

Lisa is a veteran teacher with a truly deep understanding of the body and how to quickly assess your physical needs and fine-tune each session to get the most out of your time. Upon a recent visit to my parents from NYC, where I study pilates regularly, I decided to try taking a private session at Touchstone. I was immediately struck by Lisa’s calm, positive attitude and no-nonsense approach to getting the most out of each session. I felt that Lisa could almost read my mind and adjusted her instruction and my body in the most subtle and effective ways, I was sore in the best possible ways the next day and saw a difference in my abdominals, hips and thighs almost immediately! I can honestly say after years of world-class training that Lisa is one of the most effective Pilates instructors I have ever experienced! I am quite jealous that my mother, who lives nearby, will have the chance to continue to study with this amazingly talented teacher!”

Maresa B. wrote:

This is the best thing I have done for myself! But it could not have happened without Lisa’s patience, her passion, and her persistence. Her training, encyclopedic knowledge, and seemingly endless variety of moves make this a highly rewarding experience. She encourages you, motivates you and pushes you to reach your goals and then surpass them. The three aspects of fitness; strength, flexibility and balance, are all incorporated into Lisa’s personal plan for you, using the True Pilates method. It is challenging but with your commitment the results are amazing.”

Ann B. wrote:

I can’t tell you enough how much we both love Pilates. Blake is getting ripped. I am getting a figure back. Thanks for the guidance in moving forward with Pilates. Liz is very excited with my progress. Wish I would have started 10 years ago. Can’t believe how quickly it changes your body.”

Ellen B. wrote:

Thanks to Lisa and her passion for and knowledge of the True Pilates Method, I have renewed both my body and my belief in my abilities.”

Tacy B. wrote:

I began Pilates with Lisa about a year ago and there are two wonderful outcomes. First, the escape…I have tried other exercise regimes over the past several years – aerobic, circuit training, and spinning. In all cases I spent the entire hour thinking, “I know this is good for me, but when is it over!” In contrast, when I am in the Touchstone Pilates studio with Lisa I move into a zone. The hecticism of the day fades away and I have a moment of peace for myself. Second, the results…Last month I attended my company’s annual conference. All week long people kept saying, “you look fantastic!” In turn, I would say, “I have been doing Pilates for 10 months.” They would respond, “I have to try that myself!”

Tina M. wrote:

I’ve tried other Pilates classes before and there’s no comparison! Lisa/Touchstone Pilates has helped me achieve the longer, leaner look I’ve been striving for. I finally have my abs back to their pre-baby shape!”

Monica B. wrote:

Pilates has had such a positive impact on my life. I initially started to tone up before my wedding but I have benefitted in so many other ways. I have seen my body change in ways that years and hours at the gym could not do. I no longer have lower back pain from long hours of working on my feet due to core strenthing techniques I have been taught. I love Pilates and Lisa’s enthusiasm for teaching the True Pilates method. I am never bored with the Pilates exercises as I tend to get with conventional work outs. There is always a new exercise or technique to learn with each different apparatus and the work outs are never the same. I have been married for well over a year now and still regularly attend weekly sessions. I always look forward to my appointments at Touchstone Pilates and love the changes I have noticed with my body.”

Carol A. wrote: wrote:

When I first came to Touchstone Pilates, I knew I was finally in the right place. In my twenties-thirties I did everything, jogged, lifted weights, spinning, kickboxing, etc., to continuously try to find a slender fit, but I kept building muscle and looked stocky to where I just didn’t feel that I was achieving what I wanted. I am currently in my forties, I now have that sexy muscle tone that looks natural. True Pilates is a very satisfying work out that I look forward to every week. The compliments I receive from my husband, friends, etc., just makes me feel so good.

Lisa Pellow is an excellent teacher. Her patience and expertise makes my workout so self-satisfying. I never would have believed that this would have taken me as far as it did. Pilates has the effect of reaching every muscle with a good stretch, toning and slenderizing your body and getting a good workout all at the same time. By using your core it becomes an unbelievable muscle that does control everything, even helps prevent injuries outside your workout. Once you believe in yourself the results are phenomenal. It’s a good addiction. I still can’t believe this exercise has been around forever and it took me so long to find it. Thanks for everything Lisa, you’re the Best!”

David G wrote:

My introduction to pilates has been a smashing success with Lisa leading the way. Lisa has a deep knowledge of the technical aspects of the exercises, an ability to break down and explain the movements, and eyes in the back of her head to monitor your form and progress. I have reaped significant benefits during my first six months of working with Lisa – a noticeable loss of weight and increased muscle tone, greater flexibility, and an overall sense of wellness and feeling physically fit. Moreover, Lisa’s studio provides a comfortable and private environment and state of the art equipment. I have enjoyed progressing from a beginner to an intermediate level student, and expect to continue to advance under Lisa’s guidance. I highly recommend Touchstone Pilates and Lisa Pellow for anyone with an interest in self improvement the pilates way, regardless of your current level of fitness or past experience with the discipline. Lisa, and pilates, have become cornerstones of my personal well being, and I believe this is achievable for anyone willing to make the commitment, and work with Lisa to create your own personal success story through pilates.”

Tony T wrote:

I have been doing Pilates for 10 years, working with various instructors all certified by Romana’s Pilates®, or what today is known as the True Pilates method. Recently, I moved to Pittsburgh and began taking lessons from Lisa Pellow. In six months my advancement developed substantially. I believe my progress is directly related to Lisa’s commitment to her student’s growth. Lisa doesn’t give up on you. She drives you to new heights that you didn’t know were attainable. That’s what I want from an Instructor.”


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