Private Sessions

Private Sessions arWylie_LisaPellow_WOW_156e 50 minute, one-on-one sessions with an Instructor (Lisa or Heather). The individual one-on-one attention teaches the client to safely discover and properly engage their Powerhouse as well as learn the basics under the close surpervision of a properly trained and certified Romana’s Pilates instructor. Not only will the client learn the mat work fundamentals but he will also have the opportunity to work on all of the apparatus. It is strongly recommended that a client complete at least 5 Private Sessions prior to joining a Group Class. We find that the client is better able to follow, enjoy and get the best workout in a group class after having completed at least 5 Private Sessions.


Senior Instructor Instructor
Package Price/Session Price/Package Package Price/Session Price/Package
Intro 5 Sessions $64 $320 Intro 5 Sessions $59 $295
20 $64 $1,280 20 $59 $1,180
10 $66 $660 10 $61 $610
5 $68 $340 5 $63 $315
1 $70 $70 1 $65 $65

Payments & Cancellations

We are pleased to accept cash, credit cards or personal check. We must enforce a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Late cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full rate for the missed appointment. All sales are final.


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