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Pittsburgh’s First and Only Pilates Studio Endorsed by Joseph Pilates’ Protégé to Open

Pittsburgh native returns to hometown to launch new business

Pittsburgh, Pa. –May 7, 2007 – Touchstone Pilates, Inc., the first Pilates studio in the area endorsed by world renowned Pilates protégé Romana Kryzanowska, will open in Pittsburgh next month marking the city’s only fully equipped, authentic Pilates training facility.

Touchstone founder and Pittsburgh native Lisa Pellow is trained and certified in the original method that was created nearly a century ago by legendary exercise authority Joseph Pilates. Pilates’ original method, what is today called True Pilates, is considered to be one of the most innovative and complete fitness approaches ever developed and is often mimicked.

Touchstone Pilates, located at 250 Mt. Lebanon Blvd., Suite 413, will open June 1, 2007.  Ms. Pellow’s studio is not a franchise but independently owned and operated. “I teach the original system of exercises developed more than 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates,” Ms. Pellow said. “Pilates was a genius well ahead of his time. His original method, philosophies and teachings have withstood the test of time and do not need to be changed, watered down or “updated” in order to exploit fitness trends.”

Ms. Pellow recently returned to Pittsburgh to open her studio after spending most of her career as a senior executive in national corporate banking and finance. A championship springboard and platform diver with Penn State University’s Lady Lion Diving Team, she spent years searching for a fitness program that suited her fitness goals and lifestyle as an executive. After discovering Pilates, Ms. Pellow spent years training in Boston, New York and Paris and ultimately began teaching while managing her high-profile career.

“Pilates has changed so much about my life, how I feel physically and mentally. I no longer struggle with wrist and back problems or my overall well-being,” Ms. Pellow explained. “There have been a lot of imitations and revisions to Mr. Pilates’ techniques; what my studio offers is the authentic and most effective training available as Mr. Pilates intended.”

Ms. Pellow was trained and certified by Joseph Pilates’ protégé Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter master instructor Sari Mejia Santo, and she has earned more than 800 hours of training. She is certified in all levels of Pilates mat-work and apparatus and is the only currently accredited Romana’s Pilates Certified Instructor in Pittsburgh.

For more information about Touchstone Pilates, please contact 412-224-2777 or visit our website at


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Touchstone Pilates
250 Mt. Lebanon Blvd., Suite 413
Pittsburgh PA 15234

tel: 412-344-5050

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