Hockey: Hockey is arguably one of the most physically demanding sports there is. It requires a combination of flexibility, speed and total body control. Just imagine how difficult it is to accurately shoot a 3-inch puck into a 4-by-6 foot net traveling at speeds upward of 27 miles an hour! Easy if you are Mario Lemieux, but even Mario had back problems.

Much like golfers, hockey plaiStock_000018868544Smallyers suffer from muscle imbalances, back and hip problems. However, hockey players take brutal hits and checks. By strengthening the Powerhouse (muscles that support the spine), hockey players can better withstand those hard checks, shoot the puck with more power and accuracy, and skate with more speed and endurance. This improved strength and balance, coupled with the increase in flexibility, enables the hockey player to move more freely by improving trunk and hip rotation. The result: avoiding back, hip and groin injuries. Skate faster, hit the puck harder and with more accuracy, and avoid injury by incorporating Pilates into your conditioning program. Carolina Hurricane’s goal tender Cam Ward used Pilates to come back from a back injury without needing surgery.



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