Football: Flying through the air with the greatest of ease normally refers to a circus performer. However, to be successful in football, today’s receivers and defensive backs need to be more liiStock_000027635751Smallke acrobats than power lifters. To stay healthy and injury-free during a demanding season, the football player needs a total body workout – not just curls, bench presses and squats. Adding Pilates to the football player’s conditioning program works the entire body uniformly, helps the player run faster, jump higher and withstand hits by improving core strength, muscle imbalances and flexibility. By stretching and strengthening the muscles around the joints, Pilates helps avoid muscle, groin and joint injuries. Not only can Pilates improve focus by requiring concentration and body awareness but proper breathing techniques and exercise sequencing – principles of Pilates – can improve endurance by bringing oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Football players practicing Pilates include former Seattle Seahawks fullback Matt Strong and Chicago Bears offensive lineman Ruben Brown.


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