Cycling: Everyone would like to push the pedal to the metal like Lance, but don’t be a ‘dope’! Bring that oxygen- rich blood to the muscles and build strength and endurance with Pilates. Cycling is an endurance sport requiring flexibility in the hips, legs, and ankles. Cyclists tend to have overdeveloped legs and don’t tend to do much upper- body conditioning. This muscular Cyclist riding a bikeimbalance can lead to injuries as well as impede performance and speed. As with many sports, repetitive stress on specific muscles and joints leads to muscular imbalances and injury. Developing strong core and postural muscles can help bring more power to the pedals by strengthening postural and back muscles and balancing weaker abdominal and upper-body and arm muscles. Improved strength, flexibility and proper breathing techniques learned through consistent Pilates conditioning leads to improved posture and endurance on the bike over long periods of time, smoother and more powerful pedaling strokes and improved time. Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendelton – Individual Pursuit (Silver) & Keirin (Gold) – practices Pilates as part of her conditioning program.



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