Basketball: If you know the difference between an alley-oop and a hula hoop, then you know how important core strength and flexibility are to the game of basketball. In basketball, developing core strength and flexibility enables the player to move more efficiently,iStock_000001140606XSmall jump higher and dunk harder and with more control. Proper breathing improves endurance and movement. The mind/body connection also increases the focus and concentration necessary to make the shot. As with other sports, Pilates reduces the chance of injury by strengthening and stabilizing the postural muscles around the spine. Dwayne Wade, shooting guard for the Miami Heat, All-Star Jason Kidd, former NBA point guard and coach of the Brooklyn Nets, says that “there is no better workout for building deep internal core strength, developing long lean muscles that are resilient under stress, preventing injury, and for fine tuning mental focus” than Pilates. Wade, was turned on to Pilates by LeBron James who practices Pilates to stay ahead of the curve.



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