Baseball: Whether throwing a 90 mile an hour fastball or trying to hit one is your dream, it takes core strength and spinal stability and mobility to come close to accomplishing the goal. Mimic the movement of throwing or hitting a fast ball and you will realize that it takes all the muscles in your body to accomplish this. By working the entire bodyNCAA gymnastics: FEB 26 through each exercise the practice of Pilates can lead to improved throwing accuracy and velocity as well as greater hitting distance through the batter’s swing.

As with sports that work one side of the body more than the other, muscle imbalances occur. Pilates’ emphasis on total body conditioning, strengthening the Powerhouse/core, and stretching and strengthening the muscles around the joints reduces the chance of back injury, improves muscle imbalances, and increases power and endurance. According to the “Pilates Blog,” world champion and six-time All-Star pitcher Curt Schilling believes that “Pilates really does work…I started to understand the idea of working from your center. By the third month I was more powerful and flexible than ever before.”



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