Anna Davis/Instructor



While working at a stressful job in a law firm in Florida, Anna received a gift certificate for Pilates classes. She grew to look forward to her evening mat classes and always left feeling taller, leaner and clearer of mind. It was then that she decided to train to become a Romana’s Pilates certified instructor. Anna’s desire was to make her clients feel better when they left the studio than when they came in. Anna completed over 600 hours of training and she attended seminars in New York, California, Seattle, New Orleans and Florida. in 2005 Anna also became a certified Gyrotonics instructor. Anna says, “The more you understand the Pilates method, the deeper and more challenging it becomes. It is a genuine mind and body connection. Anyone can jump on a reformer and get a good workout, but not everyone is doing Pilates if they haven’t made that connection.” Anna’s goal is to teach her clients well so that they are able to carry the principles of Pilates into everything they do.
We are so pleased to welcome Anna to Touchstone Pilates. We hope that you get a chance to meet, talk with and work with her.


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