Pilates Principles



The main focus of the Pilates Method is the
center of the body: the Powerhouse

All movement begins and is sustained through this center


Joseph Pilates believed that, “it is the mind that
guides the body”. We center the mind with the body in action
bringing the five aspects of the mind into the workout:

Intelligence, Intuition, Imagination, Will and Memory


Pilates is the Art of Contrology
When working from the center and with full concentration
we are able to maintain control of every movement
not allowing bad habits or gravity to take over


The benefits of Pilates depend solely on
performing the exercises exactly according to the
instructions ~ Joseph Pilates

Work with quality instead of quantity


All exercises are done with the rhythm of the
breath and heart beat in order to send fresh
oxygen to the muscles


The full workout is a flowing succession of exercises
performed with vigorous dynamics

Movement is kept to a minimum, especially
during transitions, for maximum flow


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